Body Beast Workout Sheets

Body Beast Workout Sheets

Benefits of using Body Beast Workout Sheets

Sometimes the thing that is standing in the way of you and your goals is not your work ethic or discipline. This may seem strange to many as the formula: Hard work + Dedication = Success seems so realistic and plausible right? Wrong. If you are working hard and staying disciplined to an ineffective plan that you are simply wasting your time. Looking back at my previous workout and dieting habits I found this to be a huge reason as to why I made hardly any gains in certain years. Sometimes it was because my diet was not sufficient to support muscle growth and other times it was because my workouts were not ones that would allow my muscles to grow. These previous failures of mine became more prevalent when I began researching Body Beast workout sheets. These sheets are a 12-week program designed to help you achieve your desired physique by incorporating a workout plan and a diet plan together. I found the plan so intriguing that I have started to use it myself. Here are some benefits as to why I think people should begin using this program:


It gives you options

The workout sheets give you the choice between huge beast and lean beast. Huge beast is for you if you are looking to gain muscle mass and strength. By the end of this program you should be larger and be hitting new personal bests on your lifts. The other program that body beast offers is called lean beast. With lean beast you will be shredding fat by focusing on more cardio and less bulking than you would in the huge beast program. At the end of this program you will have more lean muscle mass and be more cut.


Do not have to come up with your own workouts

If you do not have a personal trainer or a coach then you are forced to get your workout and diet plans from the Internet, your friends, or by making them up yourself. When you are relying on these sources you may not be getting proven plans and thus your gains could suffer from it. Body Beast is a workout and diet plan that has been proven to deliver results. Your other sources of plans may not be backed by as much information and experimentation as body beast, and thus will not deliver as effective results.


Help you achieve your goals

Everything is planned out with your monster sheets. Your workouts and your caloric and macro intake are set for each phase. Quite often people do not reach their goals because their strategy to reach them lacks guidance. This leads to you working your butt off and coming up with no results, which is what nobody wants. With body beast by sticking to the diet and workout plan you will be able to more effectively work towards your fitness goals.


More effective phases

With body beast your bulking and cutting phases are divided into 3 30 blocks: Build, Bulk and Beast. The blocks have the same concept for both the huge beast and the lean beast plans. The first two blocks last for 3 and 6 weeks respectively and they are both bulking blocks. These stages require you to intake more calories than you are burning off so as to build up mass. The third and final block lasts for 3 weeks and is a cutting phase. In this phase you will be doing similar workouts but you will be changing your diet so that you are cutting down on your carb and caloric intake. This is so that you can burn fat to trim your physique. If you want a better idea on what to expect when you are bulking and cutting refer to my previous articles “Keys to Bulking” and “Cutting Tips”. With Body Beast each of your phases in the body beast program are not too long, and your caloric deficit or surplus is not too great. This will ensure that you are able to retain as much muscle mass as possible during your cut and that you are not gaining too much fat during your bulk.


Word of caution:

-Just because the nutrition plan calls for you to be eating at a calorie surplus does not mean that you do not have to be eating clean. By filling your caloric intake with junk food your body will be storing these excess carbs and fats as opposed to using it as fuel. Clean foods that are high in protein and lower in carbs and fats will be used more as fuel to help with your gains, and less as fat storage. The chances of you gaining fat during your bulk will not be totally eliminated but doing a clean bulk will reduce your fat gain. A helpful tip to avoid making your bulk a ‘junk’ based bulk is to avoid the thought of “Well I am bulking after all”. Falling into this mindset that I am trying to get heavier therefore I can afford to indulge is what leads to this fat storage. Instead keep cheat days to once a week to help keep the fat off.

-Be sure to take progression photos. When you do this you will be able to compare your before and after photos to see if your body is changing the way that you want it to. If you find that you are gaining too much fat, or you are not gaining enough mass, then you can change your diet to accommodate this.