Home vs. Gym workouts

Home vs. Gym workouts

Home Vs Gym

To stay in the comfort of your own home or to journey to the gym, which is superior? Both have their benefits over the other, it really is a matter of personal preference. Ask yourself which one is going to motivate you the most to consistently workout. Consistently working out is the major key here. Fancy workouts with the best equipment that get your heart pumping are great but if you’re not doing it consistently it won’t do you any good. Find out which one you’re most comfortable with and stick to it. Here are some pros and cons for home workouts and gym workouts.


The gym has better equipment than you do

Your gym is constantly doing maintenance and upgrading their equipment. Unless you have pockets like Connor McGregor, you are probably not doing the same thing. For me the vast options that I have to work muscles gets me a better burn and allows me to have a better workout and make more gains. However home workouts force you to be more creative. You will be working muscles in ways that you usually wouldn’t at the gym. These odd exercises will work your muscles different from what you’re used to. To me having better equipment available is an asset however it won’t guarantee faster gains or a better workout.


Home workouts take less time

To me this is the number one advantage of home workouts. Travel time really adds up and could eat up precious time for your workout if you are strapped for time. A tip to bypass this is to pick your workout time when the gym is in the way of where you are travelling to the gym or from the gym. Also because you are in the comfort of your own home waiting to use equipment is a non-factor. Unless someone is breaking into your house to workout when you are, you get to workout on your terms.


Your home your rules

No shirt, no shoes no problem. Working out home can be quite comfortable as nobody is telling you that you what you can and cannot do. With home workouts wear as much or as little clothing as you want, or grunt as loud as you want you abide by your rules only.

With home workouts the gym is always open. 24-hour gyms are starting to get popular but community center and school gyms both have hours that may be inconvenient for you, especially on the weekend when they close earlier. You’re the DJ: don’t have to listen to the radio or someone’s awful Spotify playlist. You get to bump what you want however loud you want to.


Gym motivation

Once I walk in I know it’s time to work. I don’t get that feeling at home. I focus more and get a better workout when I am at the gym because of this. Your home has many distractions that could interrupt you from your workout. At the gym I am able to get away from the TV, computer, phone, and all other nonsense. Sometimes I feel it’s like a sanctuary for muscles and sweat.



Ignorant Gym Users

The presence of other people watching you workout can be quite daunting. At home no random people can stare at you or try to unwelcomely hit on you. Sometimes other people just cramp your style. Like I don’t listening to John Flexio and the gang talk about how big there getting or how hot this chick is. Also sometimes other gym users aren’t very considerate of other people. When people don’t wipe down equipment after they use it or when they work out when they are sick it can really make you not want to go to the gym. Working out at home is more hygienic than doing so in a public space. Sometimes, people just suck.


Meeting new people

A counter point to the one I just previously made. If you are an extravert this is a big factor. I do not like working out by myself in my basement it is weird. The only company I have is my sisters yelling at each other or the cat that oddly stares at me. My house can get a little crazy at times for me the gym is a nice getaway from the madness. Having other people around can also help you with your workouts as you can ask anyone to spot you or for tips on how they do exercises. Working out with a spotter is great for safety and doing negative reps. Especially when doing bench press having a spotter is vital because if you are not able to complete a rep on your own you are going to be in a lot of trouble.


$$$ Money $$$

Both can be quite costly. The initial cost of a home gym can be quite costly as the price of one Olympic bar can be around $400. However the price of a gym membership per year is around $600. If you want the best it is going to cost you. However, there are cheaper options to both as well. Anytime fitness only costs about $30-$40 a month for a membership. Planet fitness is cheaper ($10-$20 a month) but not recommended for anyone remotely serious about fitness. For me the gym at school is included in my tuition so working out at school makes the most sense for me. For home workouts there are many body weight exercises you can do and a chin up bar only costs about $20. In the long run home equipment is most likely cheaper however the gym upgrades some of their equipment almost every year. If you have deep pockets this is a non-factor for you as you could buy both and do whatever your feeling up to that day. Nevertheless, no matter which one you choose you must be working out consistently to get the results that you want.


**Bottom Line: Deciding on getting a gym membership or buying home workout equipment obviously depends on who you are. It’s important to choose the option that is going to motivate you to workout. The last thing you want is unused workout equipment cramping your house or an unused gym membership. Whatever gets your butt-moving commit to it!