Improving the Quality of Your Workout

Improving the Quality of Your Workout

You finally dragged your butt up off the couch and into the gym only to have a boring, ineffective and all around awful workout. How much longer are you going to keep this up, not much longer I can tell you that. Simply being present in the gym is not going to help your physique, it is what you do in the gym. This is where the results are going to come. So for the sake of your commitment to the gym and living a healthy lifestyle, it might be time to give your workouts a face-lift. If you are feeling that your workouts are lacking a little something-something try these tips the next time you workout:




As opposed to slaving away at the same speed for hours it is more effective to train using High Intensity Interval Training. High Intensity Interval Training is when you turn up the intensity (in this case speed) for a period of time followed by a more relaxed period. You repeatedly alternate between these high and low intervals for the duration of your workout. You will find that you will burn more calories in a less amount of time by doing so. For more ways to burn them, read our article about weird ways to burn more calories.



Many people either read a book or watch T.V. when they are doing cardio to pass the time by. If you are able to do this then you are definitely not getting the most out of your workout. Turn off the T.V., put the book away and focus on your workout. This will allow you to push yourself harder and burn more calories in less time. It is just like what Ron Swanson once said: “Never half-ass two things. Whole-ass one thing.”


Switch it up

If you are always using the same cardio machine why not get a little crazy and try something else. Many gyms are starting to put in a rope pull down machine which will not only help you to improve your cardio but will also help to build your back and shoulder muscles and muscular endurance. Boredom is an easy way to kill your progress. Instead of falling into the same boring lull change it up once in a while.


Try a Class

You never know you might actually like it! There are so many different classes you can do that will surely having you sweating and feeling good. Most gyms offer yoga, spin or even boot camps. I like using classes to getting out of a slump because sometimes you do not realize that you are not pushing yourself hard enough so you need somebody else to help you get to that next level.



Measure Your Rest Time

If you do not have a set time for which you are going to rest in between sets for then you are most likely going to rest too little at the beginning of your workout and too much at the end of your workout. To ensure that this does not happen and that you rest the proper amount of time set a rest time and stick to it. Your rest time will depend on what your goals are for example if you are power lifting then your rest time will be longer than if you are lifting with a higher rep count.


Check Your Ego

Everyone wants to be the biggest baddest guy in the gym that is tossing around huge amounts of weight. However lifting more weight than you can handle is not a good idea at all. You are at the gym to improve yourself not show off to everyone how strong you are. Disregard everyone else and make sure that the weights you are lifting are suitable for you.



Get Rid of your Phone!

You are at the gym to workout you do not need your phone. This is an especially big pet peeve of mine when I see people texting while they are exercising. If you are able to do this then the exercise you are doing is wildly ineffective. Also if you are using your phone during your rest period you could easily end up taking too long of a brake. This is why I began using an Ipod to listen to music instead of my phone. Leave it in the locker and do what you came to do!


Plan Ahead

Going into the gym and doing whatever you feel like can be ineffective. If you have a workout plan you can be more effective with your time, you will not be left wondering what you should do next, and it will ensure that you are working everything evenly.


Make Goals

Setting goals and working towards achieving them can be a great way to motivate you to workout. Sometimes simply going to the gym can leave you saying why? If you have something to work towards then you are giving your workouts a purpose with an end goal that you can see.


Get a Gym Buddy

As I said in my previous post “Gym Buddies” working out with somebody can help you to feel better about working out. For one you will be less likely to skip workouts because in doing so you are not just letting down yourself but somebody else as well. Also with a gym buddy you will be able to feed off of each other’s motivation. Just make sure that the person you pick as your gym buddy is not going to motivate you to not go to the gym!


Pump Your Motivation

There are many ways that you can increase your motivation to workout. Doing things such as trying a new workout program, or new exercises can get you more excited to workout. I find that even watching inspirational movies (Rocky is my go to), videos on youtube, or having motivational posters can even pump you up more to go workout. Trust me working out becomes way better when you get excited about it.