Weird tricks to burn more calories

Weird tricks to burn more calories

Nowadays we are stapled to our butt. We go from our bed to the car or bus to our office chair and back home again to sit on our couch. This new trend is both unhealthy and unnatural as the body is not meant to be inactive that much. But did you know that there are small changes that you can make to your everyday routine to burn more calories. Although spending time in the gym, running or playing sport should be your primary way to burn calories. Making these small adjustments can help you to burn even more of them than you normally do:



As I previously said most of our day is spent sitting in a chair. I purpose that in order to burn more calories try sitting in ways that require you to put in some effort in order to keep you upright. Normally when we watch TV or a movie we sink our butt into our chair and relax. no muscles are being used to do this and no calories are being burned. By sitting on the floor you are using your muscles to stabilize and support your upper body. Another way you can burn additional calories in your everyday routine is to swap your office chair with a medicine ball. When sitting on the medicine ball you will be forced to keep your upper body upright while using your core to keep your body still on top of the ball.


Park further away

For the sake of convenience, and to save time we normally try to park in a spot that is as close to the building as possible. To increase the number of calories you burn per day try parking further away from the building you have to enter. In doing so you are forcing yourself to exert more energy in getting to and from your car. Bad weather should not stop you from doing this, as it should simply force you to get your butt in motion!


Take the stairs instead of the elevator

From my research I found that the average person burns about 0.17 calories per step climbed and 0.05 calories per step descended. This may not seem like a lot but when you compare it to its alternative, taking the elevator or escalator, you are burning quite a few more calories. Working against gravity is a challenging activity and can provide you with an amazing cardio workout.


Drink plenty of water

Keeping hydrated comes with a lot more benefits than most people realize. Not only does staying hydrated suppress your appetite it also keep you energized, and help to keep your skin healthy. On top of this when using a water bottle you are forced to get up and move whenever it runs out. This is why I advise you use a smaller water bottle to keep those fill ups more frequent and you more active.


Keep it cool

As ridiculous as this may sound, keeping your home colder can help you to burn extra calories. Staying cold can increase your body’s brown fat count by up to 40%. Brown fat is not like regular white fat, which simply stores calories. Instead brown fat actually helps you to burn calories. It is onset by things such as the cold.


Get up and move

Since we spend most of our day in a chair it becomes far too easy to end up sitting in a chair for hours on end. This inactivity is not good for the body and can lead to a build up of stress. Thus it is advisable to set a reminder for you to get up and move a little bit every half hour. Doing so will not result in a lot of calories being burnt but it will help you relieve these built up stresses and keep your blood flowing.


Chewing Gum

Chewing gum is a great way to fight against snack cravings. When unnecessary snack cravings hit the chewing motion that you do with gum will cause you to give up on your cravings. Not only is gum a great way to counter your snack cravings but it also freshens your breath.


What can you do in 5 minutes?

At the end of your next workout ask yourself why you should not stay and push yourselves that much more. What can you actually do in 5 minutes? It is not enough time to actually start a new task and it is such a small amount of time that it cannot hurt your days productivity if you take it off. So next time you are about to call it quits on a workout, ask yourself: “Is 5 minutes really going to kill me?”


Doing these does not mean that you can skip your workouts. They are simply small changes to your daily routine that can allow you to burn more calories than you normally would. Although it may seem like each change will result in you burning a small amount calories, keep in mind how often you perform these activities. By sticking to these changes the extra calories that you burn per activity add up and over a year can end up being a fairly large number.