Why Women should Lift Weights

Why Women should Lift Weights

Fun fact: Lifting weights is not just for men and bodybuilders! Lifting weights provides regular people with all kinds of great benefits. Unfortunately there are a few myths as to why women should not lift weights. Rumors such as: you will get bulky and mannish, you will not burn as many calories or fat as you would going on the treadmill, and that strong women are not sexy. Due to these rumors many women are missing out on the plethora of benefits that lifting weights provides. However all of these myths are not true. Proper weight training can make you feel better, look better and help you achieve your fitness goals faster. Here are some reasons as to why women should not fear the weight rack and all its benefits that it has to offer:


Great way to Burn Fat:

Typically cardio is viewed as the best way to burn fat. This however is not necessarily true. After you finish a weight training session your body continues to need excess amounts of oxygen to help your body restore itself to its normal state. This excess need of oxygen that your body requires is referred to as Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC). During EPOC your body is still burning calories and is replenishing your body of energy. So even when you have stopped working out you are still burning calories making weight training a great way to help burn fat. EPOC does occur after cardio workouts however it does not happen nearly as long. Meaning you will not burn as many calories after your cardio workout as you will with a weight lifting workout. Also adding muscle to your body will increase your resting metabolism. Your resting metabolism is when your body is burning calories just to sustain itself. Even when you are not doing anything your body still needs to burn calories to keep you alive. Typically muscle burns more calories to sustain itself than fat does. By adding muscle and reducing the amount of fat on your body you are effectively able to burn more calories when you are not even exercising.


You can lift weights without getting bulky:

Getting bulky from weight lifting comes from your diet and the way in which you workout. If you are consuming more calories than you are burning you will end up adding mass to your frame. Secondly doing a high weight low rep workout is an effective way to get stronger and build your muscles. If you are looking to keep a lean physique simply lift less weight with more reps. This type of weight training will allow you to add lean muscle mass and help you to improve your cardio. As for your diet adjust your caloric intake to match the amount of calories that you burn to maintain your weight, or make it less than what you typically burn off to lose weight. Also men are more prone to gaining more muscle mass from weight lifting than women are. This is due to the fact that men produce more testosterone in their body than women can because of their testes. Testosterone is a hormone that aids in the building of muscle mass, the more that is produced in the body the more easily muscles can be built up. Since women have less testosterone than men they are less likely to build this bulky figure that many fear will happen to them if they begin weight training.


Helps to Alleviate Stress:

When you are feeling pain or stress your body releases endorphins in your body to help alleviate these feelings. Endorphins interact with the opiate receptors in your brain to create pleasant feelings as if to distract your body from the pain you are feeling. Weight lifting and other physical activity promote the body’s production of endorphins during and after your workout. With this increase in endorphin levels you will be less prone to stress having an impact on you. Working out is not just good for your body but your mind as well!


Reduce Injury

As you build muscle your chances of getting injured are reduced. This is because building stronger muscles is linked to having connective tissue in your tendons and ligaments. You do not have to be an athlete for this to be a benefit. Everyday activity can be stressful on your body and injuries do occur as a result. Injuries can be costly and inconvenient. By having stronger tendons and ligaments you reduce your chances of having to deal with the nuisances that are brought about by injury.


Boosts Confidence:

It is true strong is the new skinny. The results that you get from weight lifting are easier to notice than cardio results. Seeing your body change in a positive way as a result of your workouts will surely give your confidence a boost and make you feel better about the way that you look. The more smart work that you put into your training, the more results you will see, and the better you will feel. This is the never-ending cycle of weight training. The combination of the increased endorphins and the results you see will surely have you feeling your best!


Weight lifting is a fantastic way to exercise with many benefits that will improve your overall life. If you are new to weight lifting and unsure how to start a personal trainer will be your best option. A personal trainer will help ease you into a workout program that will help you get the results you want and increase the intensity when they feel you are ready. Also they can give you general tips on how you should be eating in order to achieve your goals. 2017 is here it is time that we leave stereotypes about women and weight lifting in the past. Weight training and its wonderful benefits are for everyone!