You call that a Resolution?

You call that a Resolution?

We’ve all heard the saying before “New Year new me”. This is why you can’t even buy elbowroom at the gym in the first week of January but by the first week of February it’s back to normal. But why do New Years resolutions to get healthy and be active always fail? For the most part people lack guidance in their resolutions it’s more of a wish list than it is a plan to get their desired results. Just know it’s a journey and it’s not always going to be easy. I came up some tips on how to stick to your workout routine and diet this New Year:


Plan out Everything

Your workout schedule and your meal plan need to be air tight, nothing should be left to your own whimsical discretion. Your upcoming week should be planned out ahead of time. This includes every meal and every workout. Your plan is what is going to drive you so make sure that it is realistic. Short radical changes are not sustainable for example I know that I could cut faster by going vegan, doing more cardio and eliminating all alcohol. However I also know that I would hate this and I’d end up giving up before I finish. Plan your diet and workout schedule in accordance with who you are, but also make sure that it will lead you to your ultimate goal. It’s not going to be easy all the time even with the plan but remember the plan only works if you’re willing to!


Make Goals

I’ve heard this from so many different people: I want to get huge, jacked, ripped, in shape, etc. this year. These are not goals these are just dreams. Goals are a very important part in improving the way that you live as you are more likely to stick with something if you know what you are working towards. Create specific short, medium and long-term goals that you want to hit by certain times. In creating your goals ensure that they accurately reflect your workout and diet plans to ensure that they are attainable. Having your plans and your end goal feed off of each other will help you sustain your new healthy lifestyle so much more. A personal example of a fitness goal: In my last cut I was faced with a challenge that I found to be a bit of fun. My friend gave me a bunch of his jeans that he no longer wore anymore. The only problem was that some of these jeans were a little bit too tight on me. From there I made it my goal that I would make these jeans fit me comfortably. I knew this would not happen overnight but that it was very attainable which motivated me to stay committed to my plan to make those pants fit (they eventually did).


In order to go BIG you must start small

15 pounds of muscle are not going to appear in one month and your stomach is not going to mold into a six-pack over night. The results that you dream of are going to take time to achieve and you’re only going to ever be able to achieve them if you stick to your plan. It is ok to desire a perfect body but don’t make it a goal. Instead desire a slightly better version of yourself in the short term so that you can progress over time into someone that looks straight out of a Calvin Klein photo shoot. But in order to get there you first must “Love the process than the results”.


Track your Progress

I know this may seem weird but when I am cutting I mentally make my weigh-ins an event that I am preparing for. My reasoning being that my weigh-in is always in the back of my head (in a good way). I became far more hesitant to cheat on my diet or skip cardio at the gym. By making the weigh-in a more serious thing I in turn took my whole cut more serious. In order to accurately track your progress be sure to weigh-in at the same time with the same scale. Weekly progress photos should also be done as they show how far you’ve come and how much farther you have to go.


Learn from past failures

As I have said before you know yourself best. Doing the exact same thing as another person may not be as effective for you and it may not keep you motivated. Look back at your past attempts at New Years resolutions and see what, why, and when it went wrong. From there you can design a plan that motivates you best.


Cheat Meals are Vital

Not having a cheat meal a week could actually be more harmful. Use that cheat meal as something to work towards. If you’re having temptations your cheat meal can be used as motivation to sticking to your diet. Sticking to a diet 7 days a week is difficult rewarding yourself once a week is necessary in order to stay motivated to achieve your goals. Just make sure that it is a cheat meal and not a cheat day as pizza, sushi and McDonalds all in one day could hinder your gains.


Personal Trainers and Nutritionists

A personal trainer and a nutritionist will help to make your diet and workouts as effective as possible so that your goals can be hit in a healthy and timely matter. Going to the gym more and eating healthier are not as effective or simple as many people think. Enlisting the help of a professional can help create the guidance and motivation necessary for you to succeed. If you have tried and failed to maintain a steady workout schedule and a healthy diet in the past I highly advise you seek the help of one or both a personal trainer and nutritionist. As a side note the time and money that you spend on them will motivate you even more to stay committed to your goals.


Cheers to a happy, healthy, and active New Year!